Shades bath towels

Shades bath towels

The bath textile Shades are based on a geometric sewed pattern and generate a surface that is playing with light and shadows and provides a better comfort to the user. The idea is inspired by windscreen wipers of cars. The towel is lengthwise folded in consistent overlaps and only the edges and the middle get sewed together. In this way the actual size of the towel is minimized and the generated patterns create riffles which improve the absorption of the water. On the same time the riffles support the handling and give a comfortable feeling. The concept of the towel is especially designed for hanging, on the hook or somewhere lese, so it can unfold best and generate beautiful patterns, playing with the lights and shadows. Furthermore the hollow sections (while hanging) maximise the airflow and help drying quicker. The bath towels were first presented at the Boffi showroom Cologne, during IMM Cologne 2014, in an exhibition entitled 'YOUNG PERSPECTIVES' curated by BEYER ROTH WEIS.

Material: Terry cloth

Year: 2014