Carla & Carlo

Carla & Carlo

Geometrical composition from the circle and line forms CARLA – mirror with shelf. A flat wooden board, resting on two legs, cuts the mirror along the vertical axis and thus divides the object into two halves. The full height of the mirror is retained on the outside, thus offering an unobstructed view. On the inside, the narrow shelf space provides room for accessories, jewellery and the like. A hardly visible cable guide is hidden behind the shelf, so it is also a good place for smart phones, mobiles and other electronic devices. Due to its reflection in the mirror, the shelf seems visually larger than it actually is, and even seems to stand on 3 legs and to lean on an artificial window. The room becomes larger and interplay arises between looking in and looking out. In addition to the round mirror CARLA there is the taller right-angled mirror variant CARLO. CARLO is intended to be used while standing, CARLA is more to be used while seated. Thanks to its narrow proportions, CARLA and CARLO can stand in the bedroom or dressing room.

Material: Glass, solid wood – oak, American walnut

Dimension: Carla // mirror round, right or left, wall mounted Ø 100, Carlo // mirror right-angled, right or left, wall-mounted, l 57 h 145, rounded edges, Shelves in 2 lengths, l 84/120 h 77

Year: 2014



Interior Innovation Award 2013, nominated


Zeitraum GmbH