Acco Table

Acco dining table

Inspired by a wet twisted folding meter stick the designer approached through a research of its mechanism. The table legs are an expanded version of it, which gives a light and elegant impression. Similar to how an accordion is working, that also explains the name Acco table. The geometric pattern of the wooden sticks give the table a solid base, but keep at the same time a lightweight appearance . The base is made of solid walnut, the top is an elegant glass. The dining table is either avaliable with one base and a glass top of a diameter of 140/160 cm or as a long version of a lenght of 240/300 cm and two bases.

Material: Glass, solid wood - walnut

Dimension:Ø 140 x 76h cm - Ø 160 x 76h cm

Year: 2014 -2015